World War II fighter pilot, Lt. Col. Donald Lopez, was recently honored with an unveiling of artwork by Mimi Stuart, “Artist of Energy,” at the National Aeronautic Association’s Spring Awards Ceremony in the Historic Lobby of the Reagan Airport. “Honoring Excellence in Aviation” was the theme of the paintings. The paintings unveiled were “Dauntless,” a 72- x 48-inch rendition of the shark-toothed P-40 flown by Lopez in WW II over China, and “Courage in the Cockpit,” a portrait of Lopez flying his P-51 Mustang more than 60 years ago. (In addition to his military career, Lopez is author of Into the Teeth of the Tiger and Fighter Pilot’s Heaven.) Shown, left to right: Lt. Col., Donald S. Lopez, (USAF) (ret.); Mimi Stuart, “Artist of Energy;” Maj. Gen. Joseph T. Anderson, (USMC) (ret.), associate director of the National Air and Space Museum, Udvar-Hazy Center.