In Search of the Good Life

“… Small book – big ideas, beautiful drawings. A Tao for modern living; metaphysics distilled.
‘What is freedom?’ … ‘What good are full coffers if there’s a void in your soul?’ … Where do we look for the Good Life? The search begins with ourselves.’
Poetic and moving, precise and lucid. Combined with Mimi Stuart’s elegant, calligraphic drawings, each page leads you into a spiritual journey. It is a guide, comfort, and aid to meditation through the rough and tumble of life.

— Beatrice Shoemaker, British Art Historian and Critic

“A welcome companion to one's everyday search for wisdom in this trouble-filled world. Beautifully illustrated!”

— Ruth Moynihan, Author

“A gem of a book, … the essence of the sages distilled into a most readable and poetic narrative. Highly recommended to those who want to get the most out of life.”

— David Warren, Publisher & Consultant

“After writing two superb novels, Ros has distilled her inspiring insights. Part Dear Abby, part Freud, part philosopher, In Search of the Good Life is well worth reading and rereading.”

— Mark Posner, MD

A charming little book of uplifting thoughts on what makes life worth living—kindness, courage, understanding, friend-ship, a book you want to share with someone you love.”

—Isadora Alman, MFT, Psychotherapist, author

“This lovely volume is full of pearls of wisdom culled from the author’s extraordinary life journey.  Reflecting on her words has helped me bring my own thoughts into focus on timeless topics, such as love, friendship, loss.  It is a book not to be devoured in one sitting, but to be savored a chapter or two at a time, with a fragrant cup of tea ...”

— Kristina Seher, Head, The Principled Academy, CA

“These poetically expressed reflections are both universal and deeply personal.  Combined with beautiful illustrations, they convey a mood of serenity and wisdom.”

— Allen Hardy, President H&B Inc.

“…it should be required reading for everyone …”

— Kim Smith, Director Sargent’s Fine Art Gallery

"This unique slim volume presents a stark contrast to the typical new book offering — in its verbal style, its focus, even in the delightful illustrations created by Mimi Stuart — it echoes an earlier more in-nocent time.
Its message resonates with a part of ourselves that we have all but forgotten and acts as a counterweight to our current culture of reality TV, violent computer games, daily reports of terrorism and gang warfare, questionable Wall street ethics, and the doom and gloom connected with energy shortfalls and climate instability, by con-centrating on those thoughts and feelings that make us truly human."

— Marlene Colgate

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